About Military Daugavpils

The Daugavpils is one of the oldest cities in the Latvian and it has gone up their fortresses.
The fortress, which is seen today is the third consecutive fortress, which was built for the tag. Daugavpils area. The first fort was Naujene mound 1275.g. – Latgallians ancient wooden castle in order to control trade routes, as well as strengthening the country’s borders. The castle and the town was located 20 km from the present location and the castle was one of the largest in the country Livonia. Both the castle and the adjacent town was repeatedly conquered and destroyed, but restored, until it was destroyed in the 16th century At the end of (1577 Livonian War).


The second fortress ordered built by Czar Ivan the Terrible after the final destruction. Fortress completed the 1582nd The fortress was the bastion of the type, but much smaller in size than the present. The fortress was located in the present city of Daugavpils.
Last fortress construction was started in the 1810th The result of Napoleon’s army attacks. Fort was designated a new place and it was a bit on both banks of the Daugava river below the previous fortress. It is fully completed only in 1878. Currently, the fortress is one of the greatest tourist attractions not only in Latvian, but also in the Baltic States. European level, it stands out as one of the greatest fortresses of this type, it is also the last in the 19th century built bastion-type fortress, and has remained perfect condition to this day.

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