Daugavpils Fortress


Daugavpils fortress is one of the last and largest castles in the 19th century
Castle is one of the last built, and consequently, one of the largest type in the bastion of the fortress walls Evrope.Krepostnye a total length of 5 km, and they have remained virtually intact. Thanks to the European structural funds, the strength is restored, and

A Collection of Military Equipment


The largest collection of heavy military equipment in the Baltic
States Close to Svente Manor, whose image was used as the basis for the series’ madness price “during filming, a private collection of tanks and armored, which is the largest such exhibition in the Baltic countries. All of the exhibits is a working and fully renovated. Each has its

Daugavpils Shot Factory


Daugavpils shot factory-oldest ammunition manufacturing plant in northern Europe
The only ammunition factory in the Baltic States, which hosts tourists. It was built in 1885 and is one of the oldest industrial sites Latvian history. The factory has not changed the basic profile of its activities since its foundation, that is why both the design and installation creates an